Reader Reviews

May 2001


May 12, 2001 -- From Rana Ganguly, a reader from Calcutta, India who is not affiliated with the site

This site provides content on various interesting educational topics. The most interesting ones are “Then & Now”, “Treasure Chest”, “How To” etc. The lessons are of good standard from India.

May 11, 2001 -- From Rose, a reader from Chicago who is affiliated with the site

Check out these cool online games, including Xtreme Snowboard, Grand Canyon Climb, Jig Saw Puzzles, Cat Dog Sing-A-Long, Rugrats Concentration, Big League Chew Stadium Game and many more.

Kids Central Station

May 10, 2001 -- From Patricia Conte, a parent from Boca Raton, FL who is affiliated with the site

Kids Central Station provides a free nationwide emergency notification service for children that does not compromise their identity.


May 8, 2001 -- From Kelley Walker, a parent from USA who is affiliated with the site

Delivering information and tools to help parents & teachers communicate with kids about the many ethical issues that they are likely to encounter when utilizing the Internet. is a major national campaign that provides the resources that parents and teachers need. The campaign utilizes different materials, including the book “Internet and Computer Ethics for Kids,” to educate kids, parents and teachers about Cyber Ethics. Other resources include a special “Kids Only” section of the Web site as well as a forum for parents and teachers.


May 3, 2001 -- From David F, a reader from New Jersey who is affiliated with the site

AgameAday is an educational game and puzzle site that has a new game every weekday, and 50 new ones each month. Besides being just plain fun, there are a wide variety of puzzles that stimulate thinking skills and work very well with various curriculum areas. The puzzles are grouped by ages 9-12 and 13 and up. The site is very well designed and easy to navigate, and there are also printable versions of many of the puzzles.

Golden Legacy Illustrated History Series

May 2, 2001 -- From Bertram Fitzgerald, a parent from Yonkers, New York who is affiliated with the site

This title was rated 4 stars by the editors of Teacher Education & the Learning Network in the “What Works” category. Millions of hard-copies of the Golden Legacy Series were distributed to schools & the general public.

South Carolina Aquarium

May 1, 2001 -- From Lisa Joyce, a reader from Charleston, South Carolina who is affiliated with the site

This site is wonderful. Each time I visit, I am surprised by a different homepage movie, which depicts exhibits throughout the Aquarium and some of the animals you find there. The site offers great children’s activities that get kids excited about marine life and conservation issues. Best of all, it’s easy to navigate and very user friendly for parents and children. – all about writing

May 1, 2001 -- From Jennifer Stewart, a teacher from Brisbane, Australia who is affiliated with the site contains over 200 pages of articles on writing and is a valuable resource for students. There are two free, weekly newsletters that contain writing tips and both are archived on site. A six-part home study writing course covers everything from the basics of grammar, punctuation and expression, to writing and documenting essays. There are search boxes throughout the site, so if you’re looking for information on how to use the apostrophe, how to write a resume or how to expand your vocabulary, you can just enter a search to go straight to the page.