Reader Reviews

June 2001

Stamp Collecting – Doing it for enjoyment, not for profit

June 22, 2001 -- From Shoban Sen, a parent from Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA who is affiliated with the site

This award-winning site has been created to show the younger generation how beautiful and enlightening stamp collecting can be if one does it for enjoyment, not for profit. It is a complete guide for beginners. It discusses in depth how to collect stamps practically at no cost, have fun, and at the same time gain knowledge about the world. The site is very attractively designed around the theme ‘HOBBY’, and it is very interesting and informative. It is a different approach to stamp collecting and a different kind of stamp web site.

Wee Ones E-magazine

June 10, 2001 -- From Jennifer B. Reed, a parent from Baltimore, MD who is affiliated with the site

I am the publisher, creator and editor of this site. Wee Ones encourages children to read for fun. And encourages parents to read with them. Original, new, free and monthly, a wonderful site with lots of pluses for children and their parents.