Reader Reviews

July 2001

WebGenies: Web Site Design for Kids

July 25, 2001 -- From Jackie, a parent from London, England who is affiliated with the site

This site contains lessons, projects and games to help children learn how to design fun web sites. Everything is clearly explained from the basics of setting out a design, to complex concepts like HTML. A full glossary of terms is included, as well as a teacher/parent guide and advice on safe surfing. Plus you can even contact the site authors for help if you get stuck!

Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum

July 16, 2001 -- From Ree G, a teacher from Atchison, Kansas, USA who is affiliated with the site

This site comes from the home in which Amelia was born in the town she always referred to as her home town, Atchison, Kansas. The site has a wealth of information on Amelia and an email link to ask questions of museum staff.

Youth Health

July 3, 2001 -- From Diana, a reader from Australia who is affiliated with the site

If you love cartoons and want to know more about the most amazing machine on earth, the human body, check out! On this site you can find out why we get runny noses, what blood is made of and why some people are shorter than others as six cool characters (including a chicken) take you on a crazy trip inside your body! Download screensavers and awesome E-cards to send to your friends!

Orrery: The Solar System in Action

July 2, 2001 -- From Andrew Harmsworth, a teacher from Cambridge, England who is affiliated with the site

Orrery is a concise tour of the Solar System – and beyond! Learn about everything from the Sun to Saturn; or the Moon and Mars. The site was created by a Physics teacher in Cambridge, England, and it contains a wide range of educational resources.