Reader Reviews

November 2001

Mickey Mouse Timeline

November 14, 2001 -- From Erin, a reader from Boston who is affiliated with the site

Quick timeline of major events in Mickey’s life.

Manufacturing is Cool

November 13, 2001 -- From Mark, a reader from Dearborn, Michigan who is affiliated with the site

Manufacturing is Cool is a K-12 web site that contains information and links for students to competitions, summer camps, scholarship money, career information and more. Teachers will find the curricula resource area especially helpful. The web site is sponsored by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.


November 7, 2001 -- From a reader from USA who is affiliated with the site

Another program for youth to participate in career education


November 1, 2001 -- From Dr. M. A. Clark, a teacher from Fort Worth, Texas who is affiliated with the site

WhoZoo offers a preview of animals that can be seen at the Fort Worth Zoo. Over 150 animal profiles have been written by students at Texas Wesleyan University. Each is illustrated with photos of animals at the zoo. The species accounts can be located from a page for each vertebrate class, from the image gallery, or by using a search utility on the site. For fun, WhoZoo also offers puzzles and a postcard page.