Reader Reviews

December 2001

Bob The Builder Web Site

December 30, 2001 -- From Fabio, a reader from Valencia, Venezuela, who is not affiliated with the site

Best site seen for kids 3-6.

Living With Elephants Foundation

December 28, 2001 -- From a reader in Botswana, who is affiliated with the site

Living With Elephants Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Botswana dedicated to improving relations between the African Elephant and people living in elephant range. We have three elephant ambassadors – Thembi, Jabu, and Morula – who help carry out our educational and research programs.

National Parks Conservation Association

December 26, 2001 -- From Gaby, a reader from Washington, D.C., who is affiliated with the site

With more than 80 million acres and 385 units (including parks, monuments, preserves, trails, and battlefields), America’s National Park System is the biggest in the world. At, you can take virtual visits to the parks; learn about endangered species, biodiversity, threats to the environment and how you can help; read articles from National Parks magazine; and see lots of great pictures of America’s magnificent parks. Recommended by USA Today Education and Newsweek, brings the national parks to your computer.

Where’s George

December 16, 2001 -- From Jill and Chuck, teachers from Florida, who are not affiliated with the site

Great way to incorporate math concepts with a fun hobby!

World’s Simplest Trivia Game To Play

December 8, 2001 -- From Wilson Casey, "Trivia" GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER, a reader from Spartanburg, SC, who is affiliated with the site

Kids-Youngsters” & “Just For Teens” categories of Trivia Fun in Multiple Choice Format Posed by “Trivia” Guinness World Record Holder, Wilson Casey! World’s Best Scoreboard! Wholesome Family Entertainment! Various Other Categories Offered!

Math Flash

December 6, 2001 -- From Vincent Wortham, a parent from USA, who is affiliated with the site

FREE online math flashcards geared at increasing the math skills of kids. It has 20 different levels of math, including Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division and it produces an unlimited number of math problems to solve.

Kids Online Magazine

December 5, 2001 -- From Shana Brumlow, a parent from Texas City, Texas who is affiliated with the site

An online magazine where kids write the stories. Read stories by other kids and send in your own. You can also put your artwork on the online refrigerator and participate in fun contests.

EcoKids Online

December 4, 2001 -- From S. Kent, a reader from Canada who is affiliated with the site

EcoKids is Earth Day Canada’s environmental education program for youth who care about the planet. The newly re-designed EcoKids Online is a bright, colourful kids site featuring lots of environmentally-themed games, printables and interactive activities. The site also has a parents & teachers section.

Wolf Education Research Center (WERC)

December 4, 2001 -- From Darrell Carlson, a parent from Preston, Idaho who is not affiliated with the site

Excellent site for educating the public. Not only why it is important, but also tip and ideas about HOW to do it. Great for kids and adults alike who want to make a difference, but don’t know how.

KidZone Penguins

December 4, 2001 -- From Leanne, a parent from Alberta, Canada who is affiliated with the site

Fun facts, photos and activities about penguins. Includes printable fact coloring pages, penguin crafts and on-line penguin jigsaw puzzles.