Reader Reviews

December 2003

Just for Kids — Stamp Collecting

December 31, 2003 -- From Kim Kowalczyk, a reader from State College, PA who is affiliated with the site

The Just for Kids webpages include a free kid-friendly stamp collecting course, addresses to write for free stamps, fun facts, how to find a pen pal, and other cool activities. Stamp collecting is an exciting, educational hobby for all ages, and we encourage adults to work with children to request their packet of free stamps and how-to brochure.

Science Fair Project Ideas

December 24, 2003 -- From Ken C., a reader from San Francisco, who is affiliated with the site

This site has over 500 free science fair project ideas with full instructions and explanations. It also has a search tool that scans all ideas for keywords of interest and lists ideas that contain those keywords.

Jokes and Science

December 3, 2003 -- From Julian Rubin, a teacher from Israel, who is affiliated with the site

This is a collection of science jokes, by topic, with science facts, pictures and links interspersed throughout the site describing science history and prominent scientists’ work and life.