Reader Reviews

June 2004

Kodak Birdcam 2004

June 23, 2004 -- From Carolyn Bottomley, a reader who is not affiliated with the site

Mariah, a Peregrine Falcon, has returned to the Kodak Tower for eight years to raise her family. This year she had five babies. Pictures are great! She and Kaver are wonderful parents. Site has PDF curriculum for teachers.

On Classical | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

June 18, 2004 -- From Alessandro Simonetto, a reader from Italy, who is affiliated with the site

Largest collection of *free* MIDI files of all the web (no download limits!). MIDI submissions are welcome. Fun and Games

June 16, 2004 -- From Vanessa Q., a reader from Palo Alto, California, who is affiliated with the site

Check out cool comics, exciting experiments and interactive activities with Beakman & Jax. Here the answers to all those tough questions like ‘Why is the earth round?’ and ‘How do CDs work?’ come to life!

PBS: Colonial House Dress Up

June 9, 2004 -- From Jeannine Harvey, a reader from Virginia who is affiliated with the site

New feature added to the Colonial House site: Help our Colonists Get Dressed. In 1628, a colonist in the New World had a limited wardrobe. What might she have worn?

SAT Vocabulary Builder

June 2, 2004 -- From Kay Levein, a reader from Cologne, Germany, who is affiliated with the site

Vocaboly is a award-winning vocabulary builder, which provides many methods for vocabulary learning, including flash cards, tests and games.