Reader Reviews

August 2004

Real Food for Real People

August 25, 2004 -- From Roger Doiron, a reader who is affiliated with the site

Designed by an award-winning 18-year computer animator, this site features a 60-second animated cartoon about healthy food choices. The site is part of a project run by Kitchen Gardeners International, a nonprofit trying to encourage a healthier way of eating.

The Beijing Guide

August 18, 2004 -- From Peter, a parent from Australia, who is affiliated with the site

The use of 360-degree panoramas, Chinese music, vivid photography and interactivity make this site very engaging for students. It covers topics found in textbooks including the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Need to be on a fast connection to see it best.

Orca Live

August 4, 2004 -- From Tannis, a reader from Victoria, BC Canada, who is not affiliated with the site

Awesome to see whales live in their natural habitat. If you can’t see them, sometimes you can listen to them communicate with each other. There are above water and underwater views of them when they are near. You can also subscribe so that when whales are near the cameras, they will email you an alert.

Summer Olympics for Kids

August 4, 2004 -- From Terry Hongell, a reader from Sleepy Hollow, NY, who is affiliated with the site

We have a great new site on the Summer Olympics that you might enjoy.