Reader Reviews

July 2005

Talking Books

July 27, 2005 -- From Stephanie Holbrook, a reader from Washington, D.C., who is affiliated with the site

Talking Books is a free library service available to eligible individuals of any age whose low vision, blindness, or physical handicap makes reading a standard printed page difficult. Through its national network of cooperating libraries, NLS mails books and magazines on cassette and in braille, as well as audio equipment, directly to enrollees at no cost.

Zoom Games: 3 Puck Chuck

July 20, 2005 -- From Lisa Cerqueira, a reader from Boston, MA who is affiliated with the site

The popular PBS kids’ series, ZOOM, has launched two new games – one to be played on the ZOOM Web site, and one to be played in the physical world – and both explore the principles of Newton’s Laws of Motion, helping kids to learn while they’re having fun.


July 13, 2005 -- From Bernadette Joseph, a parent from Oakland, CA, who is not affiliated with the site

The site offers stories for online reading in an amazing variety of languages. Great animation too! I’ve always struggled with showing too much TV & DVDs to my children. This site allows me to show them something on screen that actually makes them read! And it’s helping them learn Spanish too.

EASE History

July 6, 2005 -- From Brian Collins, a reader from Michigan State University, who is affiliated with the site

EASE History is a rich online environment that supports the learning of US history. It does so by connecting historical events, campaign ads, and core democratic values. It features over 600 videos and photographs from 1900 to the present.