Reader Reviews

October 2005

Professor Garfield

October 26, 2005 -- From Bob Levy, a reader from Indiana, who is affiliated with the site

We have developed this site in conjunction with leading universities and other national educational organizations. Our goal is to create the most robust, media-rich, engaging free learning portal for children. The teacher’s portion of the website is located at .

NOVA: Einstein’s Big Idea

October 19, 2005 -- From Jeannine Harvey, a reader from Virginia, who is associated with the site

Exactly 100 years ago, Albert Einstein grappled with the implications of his revolutionary special theory of relativity and came to a startling conclusion: mass and energy are one, related by the formula E = mc2. In Einstein’s Big Idea, NOVA dramatizes the remarkable story behind this equation.

How to Love Your Dog

October 12, 2005 -- From Jan Wall, a reader from San Diego, CA, who is affiliated with the site

How To Love Your Dog teaches kids about compassion, commitment, and responsibility. Topics include basic care and training, pet loss, pet overpopulation, laws of the community, safety around animals, and compassion toward old dogs.

Magician’s Hidden Library

October 5, 2005 -- From Craig Conley, a teacher from Chapel Hill, NC, who is affiliated with the site

This site offers the complete text of MAGIC WORDS: A DICTIONARY for free online reading. The book is a resource for magic enthusiasts, word lovers, and anyone intrigued by the creative power of language. There are over 500 essay-style entries on magic words from around the world.