Reader Reviews

November 2005

Tiger Homes

November 30, 2005 -- You can took at tigers and lemurs. There are about ten different animal webcams. You can take snapshots. I love this site.

From an anonymous 14-year old reader from the United States, who is not affiliated with the site.

Cootey’s Critters

November 23, 2005 -- From Douglas Cootey, a reader from Utah, who is affiliated with the site

I’m a Utah artist and my site, Cootey’s Critters, is a free coloring page blog. Every week I post a new coloring page for kids to download. I am currently featuring number-based critters, but will begin alphabet based critters later today.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Countdown Clock

November 16, 2005 -- From Milo Stone, a reader who is affiliated with the site

We just updated our site with a free download of the Harry Potter Countdown Clock. I thought you and your readers would be interested.

Metric System, Metric Conversion Tables

November 15, 2005 -- From Doug Stewart, a reader from France (near Dijon), who is affiliated with the site

Provides a good set of metric converters. Differs from other sites in providing a lot of related information: common errors, history and explanation of metric system, explanation of how imperial system varies from country to country and implications for conversion to metric.

Tim’s Triangular Page

November 2, 2005 -- From Alex, a reader from MA, who is affiliated with the site

This site contains information about triangles for middle-school and high-school students, and includes proofs of some difficult facts about triangles. It also includes a few problems and solutions.