Reader Reviews

February 2006

Mandy’s British Royalty

February 22, 2006 -- From Mandy, a reader from Massachusetts, who is affiliated with the site

This site is dedicated to the life and work of Elizabeth II and her Royal Family. God Save The Queen!

Dr Richard Wild – Heavy Snow, Blizzards and Snowstorms

February 15, 2006 -- From Dr Richard Wild, a reader from Bournemouth, England, who is affiliated with the site

Online home of Dr Richard Wild, dedicated to the history and news of heavy snow, blizzards, snowstorms, snow pictures, snow data and other historical snowfalls and blizzard related topics.

Card Magic

February 8, 2006 -- From Enrico Lorenzo, a parent from Philippines, who is not affiliated with the site

Good site about card magic. Explains the effect, then reveals the trick.

Visual Math Learning

February 1, 2006 -- From Wayne Allen Bateman, a reader from California who is affiliated with the site

This site features a free online interactive tutorial for pre-algebra students that is rich in games, puzzles, and other visual media content. It is an excellent resource for parents and educators of students at the middle-school level.