Reader Reviews

April 2006

The Doll Palace

April 26, 2006 -- From Jessica, a reader from KS, who is affiliated with the site

Use doll maker dress-up games to create cartoon dolls or design avatars and get HTML Codes for your profiles or pages. Participate in fashion-style games, contests and competitions. Chat about style trends and fashion gossip.

Amazing Story Club

April 26, 2006 -- From Sashank, 8 years old from Bandung,Indonesia, who is not affiliated with the site

It’s a cool space for kids to publish their poems, stories and book reviews.Only good work from kids all over the world. They also have these role model interviews and a feed back section

The Map Game

April 26, 2006 -- Joel Comm, a parent from Edmond, OK, who is affiliated with the site

Ever wonder what major U.S. cities look like from above? Get a bird’s-eye view of 100 cities with satellite photos from the U.S. Geological Survey. adds a twist to these overhead views by having you guess which city you are viewing in a random quiz.

Entertainment Arena Chat

April 25, 2006 -- Fro TaZ, a parent from Australia, who is affiliated with the site

The world’s safest, friendliest chat room on the web. For all ages!”

April 19, 2006 -- From Kevin, a parent from Blue Lake, CA, who is affiliated with the site shows how to perform hundreds of magic tricks, including basic card and coin tricks, and sleight of hand. There are even tips for budding magicians who want to put on a magic show for their friends.

Star Doll

April 12, 2006 -- From Emma , from New York, who is not affiliated with the site

This website has the biggest selection of celebrity paperdolls I’ve ever seen. It will occupy you for hours! They add new dolls regularly. You can become a member for free and have access to a huge online forum.

All About Dictionaries

April 11, 2006 -- From Anne P. Mitchell, Esq., a reader from Sunnyvale, CA who is affiliated with the site.

All About Dictionaries is the place to learn about all of the different dictionaries out there, their history, and usage. We’re all familiar with the old favorite standards – the Oxford English Dictionary, Webster’s Dictionary – but do you know how many different dictionaries there are? Do you know how many different types of dictionaries there are? What their history is? Did you know that a famous law dictionary came out decades before even the venerable OED? Do you know what OED stands for? If your answer to these questions is “no”, or even if it’s “yes”, this is the place for you to learn all about dictionaries!

Sudoku Puzzles Online

April 10, 2006 -- From Joel Comm, a parent from Edmond, OK, who is affiliated with the site.

Sudoku, the Japanese logic puzzle, has taken western civilization by storm. You can’t go to the supermarket without seeing a Sudoku puzzle book in the checkout line. This fun site allows you to play hundreds of Sudoku puzzles online until you just can’t stand any more. Brain food, anyone?