Reader Reviews

May 2006

Fun Quiz Cards

May 30, 2006 -- From Aditya, a reader, from Mumbai, India, who is affiliated with the site.

This website has lots of fun quizzes and tests on personality, career, friendship, movies, music, sports, fun, fashion, TV, computers, love & dating, etc. All quizzes are free and flash animated. They can be shared with friends and family.

The Site of Requirement

May 30, 2006 -- From redwall_hp, age 13, from Bangor, Maine (United States), who is affiliated with the site.

A most unique Harry Potter site. We have interesting content unlike any other site’s.
We focus on theories and speculation instead of news. We have a messsage board for sharing theories, etc. Because the board’s so small, I have a chance to read every post. Our forums are a little short on users though. Rated 80% by The Potter Police with “unique content” emphasized. What are you waiting for? Come visit and register!

Jungle Schoolhouse

May 29, 2006 -- From Denis, from Venice, CA, who is affiliated with the site.

Educational cartoons and print outs featuring the jungle characters
of It includes ‘Rhyme Time,’ an interactive storybook
to help kids learn to read, social skill cartoons, and coloring pages.

Games from Hippo Works

May 29, 2006 -- From Denis, a reader, from Venice, CA, who is affiliated with the site.

Fun games for kids that entertain and occasionally educate about the environement, animals, healthy eating, and exercise.

Simon Says Stop Global Warming

May 29, 2006 -- From Denis, a reader, from Venice, CA, who is affiliated with the site.

Simon the Hippo and the animal gang from star in a new edutainment program to teach kids about global warming and the actions they can take to help stop it. The program educates through a music video, cartoonlets, a house tour, a memory game, coloring pages, a lesson plan for teachers and other printable materials. It also features a carbon calculator to figure a global footprint and promotes activism with Hippoworks’s non-profit partners, and the Conservation Fund.

Senior Spelling Bee

May 29, 2006 -- From Barbara, a parent from San Diego, who is not affiliated with the site.

Why should kids have all the fun? This annual spelling bee is only for those over fifty.

Cheat da game!

May 29, 2006 -- From Dee, a reader, from London, England, who is affiliated with the site.

World’s biggest PC computer game cheat-codes, solutions, walkthrough guides, hints, frequently asked questions, tips and tricks archive.

Father’s Day Crafts and Activities

May 25, 2006 -- From Jolanda, a parent, from USA, who is affiliated with the site.

I would like to suggest our website with many Father’s Day crafts and activities for your inclusion on
Thank you for taking a second look at our site.

Steve Spangler Science

May 25, 2006 -- From Lisa, a teacher, from Englewood, Colorado, who is not affiliated with the site.

Here’s a great site with tons of science experiments – the kind that actually work. I teach 5th grade science at Willow Creek Elementary in Colorado and my team uses these experiments. We like his videos best of all because you can finally see someone doing the experiment. Just thought you’d like to know.


May 25, 2006 -- From Smithers, age 10, from Australia, who is not affiliated with the site.

This is the best ever game website in the world!