Reader Reviews

August 2007

Free Math Videos Online

August 19, 2007 -- From Doina, a reader, from Atlanta, GA, who is affiliated with the site.

Features a large collection of free animated math videos and other resources for middle school students and teachers.

Optical Illusions 4 Kids

August 13, 2007 -- From Walt, from Greensboro, NC, who is affiliated with the site.

This is a kid safe zone with optical illusions for kids of all ages. Challenge your skills of perception. Is what you see, what you get? Will you ever be able to trust an eye witness account again? Remember seeing is not always believing.

The People History

August 13, 2007 -- From Steve, a reader, from Elkhorn Wisconsin, who is affiliated with the site.

The People History covering 75 years of History From 1920 – 2006 for every year including the following Popular Culture, Music, Film and TV, Technology, World Events Cost of Living, Inflation, Price of goods and property, Wages and The Value of Money . We also have a section where ordinary people can leave memories from events and experiences in their lives without registering and leave comments on others people’s memories. This does mean all memories are vetted prior to inclusion to ensure they are suitable for our prime audience which is students researching history.

Latin America Wind Energy Association

August 13, 2007 -- From LAWEA, a reader, from Mexico, who is affiliated with the site.

Latin America Wind Energy Association LAWEA, is a non profit association empowering wind energy in latin america.

Effects of Global Warming

August 12, 2007 -- From Bob Parker, a reader, from Ontario, Canada, who is affiliated with the site.

Discuss and learn the effects of global warming, and what we can do to prevent it with tips, tools, and research.

Search top US colleges, US universities, online schools

August 11, 2007 -- From Glen Ornstein, who is affiliated with the site.

US University Reviews provides information on US online degrees, colleges, universities & schools.

Thumbelina in “Designer Bubbles!”

August 10, 2007 -- From KIDOONS, a reader, from Canada, who is affiliated with the site.

Even when you’re stuck in a bubble traveling with the breeze, who says you can’t look stylish while doing it? Dress up Thumbelina so she can impress her Prince Charming! Brought to you by KIDOONS.

Math Lessons

August 10, 2007 -- From John, a teacher, from Bulgaria, who is affiliated with the site.

Online maths lessons.


August 9, 2007 -- From Jessica Fagan, a parent, who is not affiliated with the site.

I wanted to suggest adding Pixamo to your photo sharing article. We’ve tried all the other services you mentioned, but settled on Pixamo for sharing our family videos and photos because of the powerful privacy options offered. Instead of the typical private, public, and friends only privacy settings, Pixamo lets you create your own sharing groups with certain visibility options for each. All friends and family can be placed into these customized groups and you can control privacy on a photo by photo/video by video basis, making certain photographs or videos visible to only some friends, family members, or acquaintances; the controls are 100% in your hands.

Growing Sunflowers

August 8, 2007 -- From Suzie, a reader, from USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Learn how to grow sunflowers with easy step-by-step instructions and pictures for each step.