Reader Reviews

November 2007

Mental Math Master

November 30, 2007 -- From Mac, a reader, from England, who is affiliated with the site.

Mental math is growing in popularity and most schools now include mental math lessons as part of the curriculum. But how can you help your kids pass their mental math exams with ease, develop a real head for numbers, and even learn to enjoy math? Mental Math Master contains many free tutorials to show anyone how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, figure percentages, fractions and decimals, all without using a calculator or paper and pencil.

Hamster Club

November 25, 2007 -- From Nadia, a reader, from Malta, who is affiliated with the site.

All you need to know about Hamsters; The different types of hamsters, their food, breeding, life span, housing and health. Also you will find different interesting articles that will cover many aspects of hamsters.

SpongeBob Coloring Pages

November 24, 2007 -- From Victor Zhong, a reader, from Surabaya, Indonesia, who is affiliated with the site.

Here you can download our free printable SpongeBob Squarepants coloring pages. You can print, coloring and show your works in our SpongeBob Gallery. We add new SpongeBob coloring pages regularly so that you will get the newest SpongeBob coloring pages.

November 22, 2007 -- From Jay, a reader, from Kansas City, who is affiliated with the site. is an editor reviewed directory of websites relating to Korea. All sites are in English. The site also has content and news relating to Korea.

British and Metric Conversions

November 21, 2007 -- From Annenberg Media, Washington, DC, who is affiliated with the site.

Learn how metric and English symbols are used to measure and express mass, length, volume and temperature.

Worksheet Library

November 21, 2007 -- From Jennifer Berry, a reader, from Bloomingburg, NY, who is affiliated with the site.

Worksheet Library offers 1000s of grade level K-6 standard based worksheets for all subject areas.

Science Postcards

November 19, 2007 -- From Warren, a teacher, from New Zealand, who is affiliated with the site.

Science Postcards are a new and innovative science resource which encourages the development of scientific exploration through children’s literature. The postcards are an ideal way to motivate your class when they receive a “postcard” with a personalized message that “someone” has written to them. All resources on this site are free!

Free Coloring Pages

November 18, 2007 -- From Rebecca, a parent, from Ireland, who is not affiliated with the site. offers hundreds of free printable coloring pages for kids. The drawings can be printed out or colored online interactively. The coloring pages are high quality and the site is very enjoyable and easy to navigate. Definitely an excellent resource to help children develop their creativity!

VoicesNet Poetry

November 17, 2007 -- From Jeff, a reader, from Ohio, USA, who is affiliated with the site.

A Poetry Based family friendly website with a lot of poetry and literary based features like poetry contests, blogging, writer forums, games, resource links, and much more.

Thanksgiving Day

November 13, 2007 -- From Thanksgiving Day, a reader, from Delhi, India, who is affiliated with the site.

Offers information on history, quotes, facts, recipes, songs, poetry, and gifts ideas relating to Thanksgiving Day.