Reader Reviews

April 2008

Popular Children’s Stories

April 22, 2008 -- From Greg, a reader, from Chicago, US, who is affiliated with the site.

Some of the most popular children stories ever written. Numerous picture stories, story series, educational stories, nursery rhymes and holiday stories for every occasion.

Solve My Math

April 21, 2008 -- From Livius, a reader, from Bucharest, who is affiliated with the site. offers some of the best high school math help resources on the web like: a huge and well organized math formulas library, many math calculators and solvers which are extremely useful to both teachers and children if corroborated with the knowledges learned at school and a games section for preteens and teens.

Discover with Dagwood

April 17, 2008 -- From Teri, a reader, from League City TX, who is affiliated with the site.

This site is intended to bring together people and dogs. All aspects of a dog’s well being are listed on this site as well as rescue and adoptable dogs and puppies available in your area.

Math Worksheet Wizard

April 16, 2008 -- From Jeena, a parent, from India, who is not affiliated with the site.

Maths worksheets from are very useful for my children and they are becoming more creative day by day. I have found this website a valuable resource for kids.

Kandide and the Secret of the Mists

April 13, 2008 -- From Diana, a reader, from Los Angeles, who is affiliated with the site.

Fun site featuring the new YA fantasy adventure novel, “Kandide and the Secret of the Mists” with games, video, and links to other fantasy sites. More things are being added, including beauty tips, free magic tricks, screensavers, music, and contests.

April 11, 2008 -- From G-Doggy, age 8, from United States, who is affiliated with the site. is about everything Spongebob. Bikini Bottom News will deliver exciting information about Spongebob, Patrick, Gary and all their friends.

Castles in Ireland

April 9, 2008 -- From George Doherty, a reader, from Ireland, who is affiliated with the site.

History of castles that have been built in Ireland over the past 900 years. Learn why and who built Irish castles as part of an ancient past.

Blue Cow Games – Fun, quality games for preschool kids

April 8, 2008 -- From Fraser, a reader, from Perth, Australia, who is affiliated with the site.

Great games for preschool kids. Games such as jigsaw puzzles, memory matching and colouring book. Bright, colourful and easy to use.

Turning Lemons Into a Venture

April 7, 2008 -- From clouda9, a parent, from Woodland, WA, who is affiliated with the site.

Do you remember having a lemonade stand as a kid? I do and this site highlights the family benefits of investing in this venture with your children. Enjoy the presentation and make sure to leave me a message that you stopped by.


April 7, 2008 -- From Kevin, a reader, from Los Angeles, who is affiliated with the site.

KidVideos provides a user-generated-video platform for kids of all ages. A team of reviewers reviews each video and each comment before they’re posted. This keeps everything on the site kid-safe and kid-friendly.