Reader Reviews

December 2009


December 30, 2009 -- From Alexandra, age 16, from Canada, who is affiliated with the site.

A new celebrity dressup from your Canadian friends! We are proud to bring you a brand new celebrity dressup. Tiger Woods Dressup lets you dress the pro golfer in various sporty outfits with many accessories such as gold clubs, sport caps and sun glasses. Dress the celebrity in casual wear, sportswear or chic and when you’re done print your results. Fun and entertaining!

Kiwi Commons – Internet Safety News & Reviews

December 30, 2009 -- From Ashley , a reader, from Toronto, who is affiliated with the site.

Kiwi Commons is the most current website on Internet safety news and reviews for parents and teachers.

Paper Airplanes For Kids

December 22, 2009 -- From Chris, a parent from Jaffery, NH, who is affiliated with the site.

The paper airplanes for kids site is a site by kids – for kids – all about making paper airplanes. My twin boys wanted to put together a website about one of their favorite things – paper airplanes.

Sensible Math Education

December 22, 2009 -- From Etan, a teacher, from Maryland, USA, who is affiliated with the site. is a resource for parents to help guide their children through math courses. Parents can learn what are the vital math topics their child should master in every grade, and also get help in igniting their child’s interest in math.

Lots of ideas for how to teach math at home, through baking or playing games like Cribbage or Chutes and Ladders, and tips and resources, like free worksheets, for math skills development.

English Grammar Revolution

December 19, 2009 -- From ddsharper, a reader from USA, who is not affiliated with the site.

Excellent site for learning how to diagram sentences. A place to upload your diagrams and share them with the world.

Cool Math Games

December 18, 2009 -- From Jermaine, age 12, from America, who is not affiliated with the site.

The site is very appropriate and educational. In fact I found out about the site in my math class last year in sixth grade.

Online Drawing

December 11, 2009 -- From an anonymous reader.

Online drawing application is an online painting tool. Users can draw and save their artworks.

Philately News

December 5, 2009 -- From Shrikant, a reader from India, who is affiliated with the site. gives latest information about newly issued postage stamps, philately exhibitions,stamp collecting and more. The information give is updated daily with the latest news.

Airplane Games

December 4, 2009 -- From Alexander, a reader, from Targoviste, Romania, who is affiliated with the site.

Play various flash games with airplanes, helicopters, spaceships and cars

Quia Mental Math Collection

December 3, 2009 -- From Lizzie, a teacher, from South Africa, who is affiliated with the site.

Many Gr 4-6 learners struggle with more difficult Math-concepts e.g. adding of fractions, long division, simply because they do not know their bonds and tables.
These online exercises (5 minute tests) can be used diagnostically to pinpoint problems exactly (which sums the child does not know and has to learn).
Visit to use these Quia-speedtests free of charge for 30-days (thereafter you can still use the exercises – make a note of the the URL’s – but you will need to pay a yearly subscription to Quia if you would like to grade a class of learners or create your own exercises). Really a great tool!