Reader Reviews

January 2011

Science Buddies Career Profiles

January 26, 2011 -- Submitted by Justin Spahn, a reader from CA, who is affiliated with the site.

Our science career profiles are designed to engage students by providing them with:
examples of the type of work someone might do on the job; detailed information about the career (including salary, economic outlook, degree requirements, etc…); links to interviews; videos showcasing the work or an individual on the job.

“We Are Cat People”

January 3, 2011 -- Submitted by Marissa Marshland, a reader from Mandeville, Louisiana, who is affiliated with the site.

One day Tiger an outside cat was invited to come and be an inside cat where there were already many cats living in the household that he was invited to come and live. He was accepted by all the other cats except one big cat. Her name was Lady Deanna and she weighed in at twenty pounds. Poor Tiger was frightened of her with him weighing in at only nine pounds. And so, the Saga begins: Will Tiger find enough hiding places whenever Lady Deanna decides to bully him? Will Tiger survive as a housecat period.

OZ Museum

January 3, 2011 -- Submitted by Mercedes Michalowski, a reader from Wamego, Kansas, who is not affiliated with the site.

The OZ Museum located in Wamego, Kansas celebrates all things Oz! From a first edition, first state book to props from the Broadway show Wicked. The OZ Museum is the place to stop when traveling through Kansas!