Reader Reviews

April 2011


April 30, 2011 -- Submitted by Mary Lugo, a reader from Atlanta, GA, who is affiliated with the site.

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, the companion site to the PBS special THE STORM THAT SWEPT MEXICO, a new two-hour documentary that tells the epic story of the Mexican revolution. The website has fun games, quizzes, maps and more!

Daily Jigsaw Puzzles

April 30, 2011 -- Submitted by Pierre Des Vara, a reader from Paris, France, who is affiliated with the site.

A daily updated gallery of free online jigsaw puzzles suitable for kids and adults alike. The puzzles are both fun and educational. Every jigsaw can be played on different difficulty levels so it’s suitable for very young and children, teenagers and even adults. The site is very intuitive and easy to use, it has no annoying ads or pop-ups.

Doc Brown’s Chemistry

April 30, 2011 -- Submitted by Dr Phil Brown, a teacher from England, who is affiliated with the site.

Chemistry revision notes and quizzes for 11-18 year olds.

TurtleCards Math Flash Cards

April 27, 2011 -- Submitted by MathRUs Team, parents from Boston, MA, who are affiliated with the site.

Our old site provides free online math flash cards, where a student writes answers by typing in the numbers, an experience quite different from writing on paper. This site is still functional and the URL is

However, we have just made an app for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch such that you simply write answers with your finger, like on paper. It’s so cool that we thought that you might want to check it out. The app is not free but priced at $0.99 — We are a Mom and Pop company and we have to make back the money used to buy a Mac computer to write the app! There is also a video tutorial on our website

Hearts Learning Games

April 20, 2011 -- Submitted by Heartiromer Lopez, a parent from Singapore, who is affiliated with the site.

The site is all about learning games to teach children between 3 to 12 years old. There are some material that might be useful in teaching the kids on writing, math, and reading.

New Kids Crafts

April 20, 2011 -- Submitted by Nicola, a parent from South Africa, who is affiliated with the site.

Lots of fun craft ideas for kids, with pictures and easy to follow directions. From preschool crafts to holiday crafts and everything in between. Theses crafts are original and easy to do for little ones. This site has a huge selection of crafts for ages 3 and up. All crafts have been kid tested and approved. Loads of fun all round.

Fo Fo Figgily Show

April 20, 2011 -- Submitted by Cheryl, a reader from Arizona, who is affiliated with the site.

Since your website is interested in educational products for preschool children, I wanted to see if you would like to check out The Fo Fo Figgily Show DVDs! These DVDs were filmed with hopes to instill healthy eating and fitness habits in children in a fun and informative way.

Coloring Pages 24

April 20, 2011 -- Submitted by Jimmy, a reader from Jonkoping, Sweden, who is affiliated with the site.

Website for anybody who likes to color coloring pages online, play unique puzzle games and sort my tiles games. The website also features a large gallery with users art work separated in categories.

Free and safe kids videos and games

April 20, 2011 -- Submitted by Johnattan Cambridge, a parent from Clearwater, FL, who is affiliated with the site.

Not too long ago I started a website containing cartoons and kids movies that were available on servers like Youtube and others. Because I was laid off from my job I have enough time to handpick cartoons that are safe and fun and keep them up to date.

Strange Facts

April 20, 2011 -- Submitted by Rashid, a reader from Pakistan, who is affiliated with the site.

Strange and interesting facts about the world – animal facts, space facts, wonder facts, disaster facts, fun facts and much more