Reader Reviews

September 2012

Kids Activities in Australia

September 26, 2012 -- Submitted by Daniel Jordan, a parent from Australia, who is affiliated with the site.

todokids is a free service allowing parents and carers to find kids activities and services, both at home and on holidays across NSW and ACT, Australia. Users are able to subscribe to a weekly email that collates the fantastic activities, classes and events happening in their specific community and we customise it to the age of their children.

A+ Click Math problems for grade 1 to 12

September 22, 2012 -- Submitted by Tatiana, a reader from Russia, who is affiliated with the site.

This is a vast collection of math puzzles for all grades and subject. It features a collection of illustrated challenging math problems for students in grades one through twelve. The website has a graduated set of over 2200 problems, starting from the very simple to the extremely difficult. The website also includes hundreds of practical problems and brainteasers.

Ambleside Central

September 22, 2012 -- Submitted by addi, a parent from UK, who is affiliated with the site.

Great ideas what do do with your kids while on holiday in the English Lake District, even if the weather is not that nice…

TimeLines of Liberty

September 22, 2012 -- Submitted by Roger W Hancock,, a reader from Auburn, Washington, U.S.A., who is affiliated with the site.

TimeLines of Liberty has been used by children in schools and home schools across the nation. It includes political timelines of America, individual States and Territories. Some American wars, political firsts, and the greatest list of one vote occurances I believe to be on the internet. TimeLines of The American Flag. The TimeLine of the First Presidents include the Presidents before George Washington (Those under the Articles of Confederation.) You can even find Rhymes of the Founding Fathers and the unsung heroes, the women and Black patriots of the American Revolution.

Science Lessons Online

September 18, 2012 -- Submitted by Dr Science, a teacher from London, who is affiliated with the site.

Audio visual science tutorial lessons for high school chemistry and physics courses. Easy to understand concept explanations and worked examples that clearly explain how to apply chemistry and physics theory concepts to correctly answer problem solving questions. Excellent free learning resource for studying, revising and exam preparation for all high school chemistry and physics courses.

Math Champ

September 18, 2012 -- Submitted by Ana, a reader who is affiliated with the site.

Math Champ was a runner up in this years Desire2Learn Edge Challenge and is changing the way kids think about math classroom.

Knowledge Mouse

September 7, 2012 -- Submitted by Bryan Lee, a reader from Burlingame, CA, who is affiliated with the site.

Knowledge Mouse is a brand new site that claims to try to “make learning fun”. The site features various activities including a word search puzzle creator, a flash card maker, a arithmetic quiz generator, and a quiz sheet maker. With the word-based tools, you can enter your own words, or choose from existing lists. The word search puzzle maker also features a “quiz-style” mode, where instead of just listing the words that are in the puzzle, you can instead give questions or hints.

These are all “printable” activities, as there are currently no live games on the site. The printables are helpful for teachers and parents to teach kids in a more fun and entertaining way. The above activities are all free, and there are no ads on the site.

September 5, 2012 -- Submitted by Robert Korf, a reader from New Jersey, who is not affiliated with the site.

Play popular word games including Boggle and Word Sudoku, on-line and all free. No downloads, no flash. Some of these games like Words in a Word are great classroom aides. Boggle and Words in a word can be played in many languages which makes a great teaching aide for language classes.

Science For Preschoolers

September 5, 2012 -- Submitted by Adriana , a parent from Virginia, who is affiliated with the site.

This is a site dedicated to preschool science experiments, lessons and activities. A great resource not only for parents but also for teachers and educators.