Fifty States

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Anyplace America

February 15, 2011 -- Submitted by Michelle Evans, a parent from Canyon City, OR, who is not affiliated with the site.

My kids and I have a lot of fun on this free site – and learn a lot about maps and US geography, too! The site features over 1 million different geological features, searchable by feature, county, city, state, or zip code. You can print your maps out, and have a treasure hunt or just go exploring around your area. We have used this site for scout projects, too.

Adams, NY History and Genealogy

December 6, 2010 -- From Nancy K., a reader, from Daytona Beach, FL, who is affiliated with the site.

The Adams, NY History and Genealogy web site contains a plethora of content on the founding of Adams, Jefferson County, NY. This site is an excellent resource for any age and totally free to all visitors; who will find histories of Adams, NY and the Civil War, the education system, DAR records, local newspaper transcriptions, biographies of local residents past and present, and cemetery records. For those who love archival pictures this site is rich with them.

Constituting America

December 2, 2010 -- From Judy, a reader, from Mansfield, Ohio, who is not affiliated with the site.

This is a wonderful site for kids to encourage them to read and understand the constitution. This year the author of this site ran a contest for Elementary, Junior High and High School students to support Constitution Day! The winners are posted on the site.

Montana Kids

November 30, 2009 -- From Mark, a teacher, from United States, who is not affiliated with the site.

This is a very good simple site that is easy for kids to use there are games interactive maps and lots of good info. Just a good overall site

Right Brained Learner

July 10, 2006 -- From Right Brained Learner, a teacher, from Washington, DC, who is affiliated with the site.

Are you a right brained learner? Is it easier for you to remember faces (rather then names) and pictures (rather then facts and statistics)..? Do you want to be able to remember the capitals to all 50 states? If you answered yes to these questions then check out this website.

I have created a new study aid packaged as a deck of 50 flash cards with whimsical illustrations that help trigger the memory of the visual learner. Most teaching methods and tests are geared toward the left brained, and this makes it a struggle for those who are right brained to keep up, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The picture association method my flash cards use is an alternative way to memorize that can help level the playing field.

Free US States Game for Windows

March 3, 2004 -- From Alex, a reader from Palm Coast, Florida, who is affiliated with the site

Can you or your kids identify all of the fifty states on the map? If not, here’s a free Windows program that will help. So easy to use, no instructions needed.