May 17, 2001 -- From Chuck Rolland, a reader from Eden Prairie, MN who is not affiliated with the site

This is a site with waterhole cams, safari cams that run at certain times and bird nest cams. Also has two really neat underwater cams running 24 hrs in the Bahamas.


May 16, 2001 -- a reader from NYC, NY who is affiliated with the site

The ASPCA’s Animaland, sponsored in part by the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund, teaches children about companion animals and endangered species. The site is fun and educational. Children can play games, send postcards, read about careers with animals, watch cartoons about pet care, and submit their questions to a macaw named Azula. Great fun for kids ages 4-12.

Zoo Atlanta

April 24, 2001 -- From Nicole Page, a reader from Atlanta, GA who is affiliated with the site

Zoo Atlanta’s site is one of the most widely visited sites for animal information, kids activities and on-site activities for children.


March 27, 2001 -- From Jennifer, a parent from Ontario, Canada who is not affiliated with the site

Children of all ages (even parents) can choose a Neopet (similar to Pokemon creatures) to play games with, feed, etc. In order to buy your Neopet toys, food, weapons (to challenge another Neopet if you wish), etc. you must collect Neopoints. To do so, there are a ton of neat games (eg. Bingo, Hide and Seek, Treasure Hunt, etc.), all rated by skill level. Usability: great — games download quickly. Site is easy to navigate, which is like a small community. Great fun!

February 27, 2001 -- From Sara, 8 years old from Lemont, IL who is not affiliated with the site

A nice place for pets and people who love them. They teach how to care for pets and they also have games, contests and a cool kids page.

Wild Cams: Elephant Seals

December 21, 2000 -- From Amanda Britz from New York, NY who is affiliated with the site

Far from the hustle and bustle of shopping malls and crowded parking lots, the site features live daily feeds of elephant seals in their natural habitat, from the shores of California’s Ano Nuevo State Reserve. Among other things, visitors can learn interesting factoids about the curious animals. While humans gain anywhere from five to ten pounds during the holiday season, the elephant seals are doing their fair share of eating too, consuming as much as 45 pounds of fish a day to maintain their 1000 pound girth.

Howletts Wild Animal Park

October 14, 1999 -- From James L. Horton, a reader from New York, New York who is affiliated with the site

See wild animals live on the web. Howletts Wild Animal Park has the world’s largest captive colony of gorillas, and in addition, African Elephants, rare Siberian tigers and bongos. Howletts is dedicated to breeding and releasing endangered species back to the wild. The site offers six color interactive webcams that you can control yourself.