Big Cats

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Insight of Nature

November 11, 2007 -- From Mari Marquez, a parent, from New York, USA, who is affiliated with the site.

This site was created to provide parents and children with educational content regarding Big cats and domestic cats excellent source for term papers,school projects,reports and also photo
collections,blog,guestbook and more. Totally family-friendly.

January 15, 2007 -- From John, a parent, from Tucson, Arizona, who is affiliated with the site. is a resource for children created by a child with the sole purpose of educating people about cheetahs. The site has photos and video from the National Zoo and links to other zoos with cheetahs and the world renowned Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia, Africa. There are also puzzles and games as well as art work and a link for kids to send their own art work in to be published on the site.

Snow Leopards

August 30, 2006 -- From Debi , a reader, from Cleveland, Ohio, who is affiliated with the site.

This site has classroom projects to teach about the Snow Leopard & how we can all work to save it from completely disappearing from our world. It also teaches about the people that are working to save them, their habitat, mating habits & pictures & postcards. A very good site.

Cheetah Conservation Fund

September 24, 2003 -- From Ginger, 12 years old from New York, who is not affiliated with the site

The website for the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) has descriptions about the cheetahs and an online shop where you can buy cheetah merchandise.

Kerry’s Tribute To Tigers

February 26, 2001 -- From Kerry J, a reader from New South Wales, Australia who is affiliated with the site

A site that caters to anyone who is interested in looking at pictures of tigers and getting information about tigers. Set out in a surfer friendly form. Site includes great pictures!

5 Tigers

September 18, 2000 -- From Felicia, 15 years old from Australia who is not affiliated with the site

This site has loads of information on tigers and there is a kid’s section with games, etc.