Bird Friends of Lake Murray and San Diego County

March 31, 2004 -- From S. Streit, a reader from San Diego, CA, who is affiliated with the site

This site provides hundreds of photos and descriptions of birds photographed in the San Diego area. Very educational and good reference for what you may be seeing in your backyard or local park.

Hummingbird Hatchery

November 26, 2003 -- From an anonymous reader

This lady found a hummingbird nest and got pictures all the way from the egg to leaving the nest. Took twenty-four days from birth to flight. Be sure to click on next page at the bottom of each page.

Operation RubyThroat: The Hummingbird Project

January 12, 2001 -- From Bill Hilton Jr., a teacher from York, South Carolina who is affiliated with the site

Everybody loves hummingbirds, and these tiny feathered dynamos can be used to help students learn about science, math, geography, culture, and virtually any academic discipline. Operation RubyThroat is an award-winning cross-disciplinary project in which K-12 students, teachers, and others in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Central America collaborate to study behavior and distribution of the ruby- throated hummingbird.


February 8, 2000 -- From Cornell Lab of Ornithology, a reader from Ithaca, NY who is affiliated with the site

Great family project. The count starts February 18th and runs through the 21st. You will be able to begin viewing results as soon as reports begin coming in on the 18th. We’ll be accepting reports through February 25th, but the sooner you get them in, the better!

Bird Links

August 15, 1999 -- From Susie Brobston, a teacher from Lansdowne, PA (Philadelphia suburb) who is not affiliated with the site

This is a list of 60-70 livecams pointed at birds’nests, nesting boxes and habitats. You can see the progression of the nesting process from empty box, to just nest, to eggs, to hatching, to feeding and back to empty nests after the fledglings leave. Pictures are saved so you can see the wonder even in non-breeding seasons. Great for bird-lovers and classroom use!

The Mirror-Pole

August 4, 1999 -- From a reader from Tempe, Arizona who is affiliated with the site

Photos of Arizona birds, nests, and eggs. Downloadable digital recordings (CD quality).