Understanding Slavery

February 19, 2001 -- From Eric Ward, a reader from Knoxville, TN, who is affiliated with the site

Learn about the history of slavery around the world. Follow the journey of one man who was enslaved in both Africa and the United States. Then, travel back in time to Richmond, Virginiain 1845 to witness a slave auction. Along the way, you’ll learn just how pervasive the institution ofslavery was in the United States and how it differed from slavery abroad.

Black History Quiz

February 9, 2001 -- From Roberta Sallee, a teacher from Delran, NJ, who is affiliated with the site

Created by a fifth grade class in NJ, this site offers viewers the opportunity to learn about some famous Black Americans through individually created student-made website links on the page and then answer 10 questions with a pull-down menu format for answers. Correct responses received on or before February 28, 2001 will be entered into a drawing for the “Grand Prize”. Check it out. You will enjoy the variety of student presentations and perhaps learn something new, too!

Info please Black History Month

January 30, 2001 -- From Barbara, your editor, who is not affiliated with the site

A nice collection of features, biographies, timelines, quizzes and games for Black History Month.

Time for Kids: Black History Month

January 23, 2001 -- From Nadine Ferber, a reader fromNew York who is affiliated with the site

This February, kids and teachers will have a new resource to help them study, teach, and draw inspiration from Black HistoryMonth. We’re launching a spotlight area that focuses on the African American experience in America.

Kulture Kidz

January 3, 2001 -- From Ty, a reader from Columbia, SC who is affiliated with the site

Kulture Kidz is a fun, interactive web site about African American history and culture. A great web site for Black History Month studies.

African American Odyssey

February 11, 2000 -- From Doc, a reader who is not affiliated with the site

The Library of Congress brings together The African American Odyssey: The Quest for Full Citizenship. The storyof African Americans from the end of slavery through the Civil Rights era. It includes documents, maps, films and recordings.

Black History

January 18, 2000 -- From Linda Langs, a teacher from Grand Haven, MI, who is affiliated with the site

Visitors are invited to publish a story or article on black history, download coloring pages, or a word search activity,or just peruse the many stories and research articles on famous black people throughout the world. A featured person appears every day. Lots of interesting things to do and learn for adults, teachers, and students on black history.