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May 5, 2006 -- From Bubblin' Marilyn Doyle, a reader from Minnesota, who is affiliated with the site

BubbleBlowers.com is a museum of sorts of the many different varieties of bubble blowers that have been popular over the years. From the oldest wands and pipes, through the vintage bubble sets and wind-up bubble blowers, to the current popular cartoon figures and battery-operated blowers — all can be seen on this non-commercial site.


January 11, 2006 -- From Keith Johnson, a reader from Rhode Island, who is affiliated with the site

SoapBubbler.com is the largest webspace devoted to soap bubble creativity, play and performance. You’ll find how-to videos, recipes, wands, performer biographies, photo pages, soap bubble history. It’s a big bubbling world out there, start your journey here.

Making anti-bubbles

March 2, 2000 -- From Catherine Fisher, a reader from Lee, NH who is not affiliated with the site

When you’ve finished exploring the world of soap bubbles with a science class, go on to anitbubbles! What are they – they’re the opposite of soap bubbles (which are air, surrounded by a thin film of water, surrounded by air). Antibubbles are water, surrounded by a thin film of air, surrounded by water. My science students had a blast with these! After they got the hang of making antibubbles, they experimented with creating colored antibubbles, long-lasting antibubbles, and strove to create the largest antibubble they could. This class went on for two hours, and I do believe we could have gone twice that long.

Bubble Wands & Imagination Building Toys

May 10, 1999 -- From a reader from USA who is affiliated with the site

Very nice shapes and brightly colored bubble wands. Parents Choice award-winning imagination building toy.