Caves and Caverns

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Cave of Lascaux

May 26, 2000 -- From Peter W., a parent from New York who is not affiliated with the site

From the Ministry of Culture in France, this Webby award winning site lets you take a virtual tour of the Palaeolithic wall paintings of Lascaux. Explore the caves and learn more about the images created by artists 15,000 years ago. Available in English, French, Spanish, and German.


May 5, 2000 -- From Aaron T., a reader from New York who is affiliated with the site

Interested in checking out the “real” underground scene? By logging on to this site you can join a team of National Geographic explorers who spent days underground (even underwater) exploring and photographing Chiquibul – the longest cave in Central America. With maps, breathtaking photos and six 360-degree IPIX images, this site promises to take Web wanderers to the depths of the earth and back without wasting any flashlight batteries.