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Fuel the Brain

February 19, 2015 -- Submitted by Lee Thach, a reader from North Carolina, USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Fuel the Brain was created to provide free and inexpensive resources to elementary educators.

The website was launched in February of 2009 with two games and ten printables. Since then we have added numerous games, printables, interactives and more.

We strive to provide high-quality and fun games and activities that address the current core standards. All of the games and activities on this site were developed by us to provide a comprehensive collection of teaching aids and activities that enhance the curricula.

Make a Crossword Puzzle

April 30, 2012 -- Submitted by Blair Jensen, a reader from Sacramento, CA, who is affiliated with the site.

Make crossword puzzles for free. Crossword puzzles are a great way to teach details about a subject or in depth vocabulary.


February 25, 2012 -- Submitted by Fraser McKen, a teacher from Victoria BC Canada, who is affiliated with the site. features three different puzzles:

a) A daily standard (15 X 15) American puzzle, (“MorningMaze”) which looks like the one in your daily paper – along with a bonus word scramble which you can solve after you solve the daily crossword. Then on the weekend, there is a weekend version (21 X 21) which looks like the big weekend puzzles you get in the big weekend paper (but it’s nowhere near as tough to do).

Both puzzles are downloadable puzzle in .pdf and so is the solution, which you get with the following puzzle.

b) A weekly cryptic crossword, (“CoffeeCrypt”) along with an instruction pagefor those visitors who haven’t tried cryptic crosswords. This puzzle you can do either interactively or as a download in .pdf

c) A twice weekly interactive trivia puzzle (“SoHuNu?”) which, along with the interactive version of “CoffeeCrypt”, runs on a free, downloadable java platform which you can get at

The SoHuNu? is an interactive game which asks ten questions on a fun topic (ex. Famous Blondes, Famous Movie Bad Guys, etc.) But if you get bored before completing the puzzle, you can push a REVEAL button. Then after you’ve finished the puzzle, you win a prize! (A page will appear telling you where to get the prize.)

All these puzzles have been developed by a retired English teacher. Careful attention then has been paid to spelling and one major mission in the project has been to present students with an activity which will give them something constructive to do as well as inviting participation by the whole family.

I hope everyone enjoys

Chemistry & Biology Crosswords

October 17, 2010 -- From Frank, a teacher from the USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Play-online crossword puzzles for chemistry and biology students – and their very busy teachers!

Huge Puzzles

October 12, 2009 -- From John, a reader, from Boston, who is not affiliated with the site.

This is a great and simple site to enjoy puzzles on the web. It has an easy to use interface and several puzzles (e.g. soduko, jigsaw, crossword). The puzzles change on a daily basis and supply fun for the whole family.

Best Crosswords

September 8, 2009 -- From JCK, a reader who is not affiliated with the site.

Free daily puzzles classified by difficulty, type of clue (cryptic, straight), layout (American, English), and rating. The puzzles are well-drafted, and you can send a note to the constructor if desired. Daily puzzles request your rating when completed.


September 23, 2008 -- From moonbun, from London, England, who is affiliated with the site.

Cool crossword solver, and a fun way to find new words!