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Sudoku Puzzles Online

April 10, 2006 -- From Joel Comm, a parent from Edmond, OK, who is affiliated with the site.

Sudoku, the Japanese logic puzzle, has taken western civilization by storm. You can’t go to the supermarket without seeing a Sudoku puzzle book in the checkout line. This fun site allows you to play hundreds of Sudoku puzzles online until you just can’t stand any more. Brain food, anyone?


December 7, 2005 -- From Hagai, a reader from London, who is not affiliated with the site

Kakuro is a numeric crossword puzzle game. This site has kids’ levels. Recommended!

Miss O & Friends: Crossword Puzzles

August 24, 2005 -- From Jeffrey, who is affiliated with the site

It has lots of crosswords organized by difficulty level.


November 2, 2000 -- From Tom, a parent from Wisconsin who is not affiliated with the site

Oxbrain In Space is a crossword fantasy-adventure in five parts. Each episode in the adventure comes with a companion crossword.

Oh My Word!

August 1, 2000 -- From Philippe Martin, a reader from Bois-Le-Roi, France who is affiliated with the site

A Crossword puzzle generator: