Kid-Friendly Internet Directories

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May 22, 2006 -- From Alysa, age 7, from San Jose, California, who is not affiliated with the site.

I saw the site before and I sent an ecard.

Alexander Park Elementary

May 19, 2006 -- From Rick, a teacher, from Golden, B.C., who is affiliated with the site.

A great place to find “safe” educational information, pictures and games. Directs students to where “you” want them to go rather than letting the internet decide. Social Studies, Math, Language Arts and Science sites…and more!!!!


May 15, 2006 -- From Rosalind, a teacher, from Newark, New Jersey, who is not affiliated with the site.

Scholastic has wonderful activities for children, teachers and parents. I find that it is very useful when we research projects or want to do an author’s study. The teacher tools are practical, easy to use and useful.

Kid-Friendly Search

March 14, 2004 -- From Ingrid Griffin, a teacher from St. Augustine, Florida USA, who is affiliated with the site

Kid-Friendly Search contains kid-friendly links for students organized by subject areas. An elementary teacher created this site for her students (and other teachers). This site is designed to provide a safe-search environment that is limited in advertisements. It is a wonderful beginning guide when looking for information on the web and the use of images makes this site user-friendly.