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Ecology Games

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Funschool Protect our Environment

March 27, 2000 -- 12 years old from Kansas who is not affiliated with the site

Clean up the river by dragging the garbarge into the recycling bins.

Planetpals Earthzone

September 7, 1999 -- From Judith Gorgone, a teacher from Boston who is affiliated with the site

Planetpals Earthzone is an interactive site with endearing characters that teach us the importance of caring for our planet and everything in it. Lots of free and fun activities for kids. Entertaining, Educational, Cute. It is a valuable source of earth science and ecology information and is used by educators and students worldwide.

Waterford Press

May 11, 1999 -- From a reader from Canada who is affiliated with the site

Users can download hundreds of games, quizzes and classroom activities from this site. It contains free nature-related games and activities that are designed to complement K-12 science curriculum. It is a fun and interesting way to stimulate students’ interest and nature and the natural sciences.

Teaching Green

May 3, 1999 -- From a reader from USA who is affiliated with the site

Teaching Green with Carol Baxter offers tips for teachers, parents and kids on how to live “greener.” Carol answers questions on how to bring environmental studies into the classroom, and how to deepen our environmental awareness.