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Crafty Builders – Children’s Animation

October 6, 2014 -- Submitted by Nadav Sagir, a parent from Slovenia, who is not affiliated with the site.

Crafty Builders is an animated children’s series, created with the goal to inspire the imagination and actively promote play with wooden building blocks.

Movement of Data – Journey

October 5, 2014 -- Submitted by Maria Edaw, a teacher from London, England, United Kingdom., who is not affiliated with the site.

This is a fab online resource for older children who are interested in the tech side of how an email works. He spent out hours following the journey that the email took, and following its path. Some of the content is quite jargony, but the animation and the interactive scrolling keeps his attention.

Guide Me NACME: A Road Map to Engineering

May 5, 2006 -- From Bryan, a teacher from New York who is affiliated with the site

Guide Me NACME offers middle and high school students a lively, robust introduction to engineering. It includes video and text profiles of real engineers, brief introductions to various engineering fields, and hundreds of links to schools, fun sites, organizations and career sites.

Women in Engineering Organization Web site

March 21, 2002 -- From Ellen, a reader from Massachusetts, who is affiliated with the site

An important site to help advance the number of girls entering the field of engineering. One-stop clearinghouse of local and national educational and career programs for female engineers categorized by age (kindegarten through college)and their parents, as well as educational programs and information for their teachers, counselors, and program directors. Site also features an awards program and an easy user interface to register programs. Developed by Tufts University’s School of Engineering in conjunction with the Society of Women Engineers and the Women’s Engineering Advocacy and Program Network and funded by a grant from the GE Fund.

Manufacturing is Cool

November 13, 2001 -- From Mark, a reader from Dearborn, Michigan who is affiliated with the site

Manufacturing is Cool is a K-12 web site that contains information and links for students to competitions, summer camps, scholarship money, career information and more. Teachers will find the curricula resource area especially helpful. The web site is sponsored by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Secrets of a Master Builder

October 17, 2000 -- From Lisa Cerqueira, a reader from Boston who is affiliated with the site

He was America’s greatest engineer: an obsessive visionary who walked the floor of the Mississippi River, built the nation’s first ironclad ships, designed a steel bridge no one thought possible, and opened the country’s heartland to trade with a daring river control system. A bold entrepreneur and charming promoter, James Buchanan Eads created a series of technological marvels that changed the course of American history and inspired a new generation of engineers.

Building Big

October 3, 2000 -- From Lisa Cerqueira, a reader from Boston who is affiliated with the site

How does a graceful suspension bridge withstand the forces of nature and traffic? Or a dam the crush of millions of gallons of water? What does it take to build a skyscraper 100 stories tall? What keeps these gravity-defying giants from collapsing? Find out when bridges, domes, skyscrapers, dams, and tunnels take center stage on the BUILDING BIG Web site.