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Wee Web

December 6, 2010 -- From Cory, a reader, from New York City, who is affiliated with the site.

We are a family networking site (essentially a safe place for parents to build their kids’ digital footprint). We have created a “family network” – the kids are the focus, and it’s their stories which are told. We host users photos, videos and stories and let parents create the network of people they want to share their kids’ lives with. It’s 100% private. We don’t keep the photos (i.e. if parents delete them – they’re deleted, unlike services such as Facebook or Picasa).

In light of some very recent studies released by security company AVG, what we’re doing is not only more relevant to parents, but the only site in existence providing this service. The study had digital footprints for children under 2 at 81% and cited real concern for the negative implications such public footprints may have on the children when they’re older.

Kids’ safety online has been of core importance to us at Wee Web – and we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that it’s a service that affords parents all of the convenience of digital communities but in a way that isn’t going to infringe on children’s lives as they grow up. As we’ve built Wee Web, we’ve really taken a look at what the internet is. One of our original founders was the founder of – and he was all to familiar with the rise of the digital communities and saw at an early stage where we were headed and sought to provide a safe haven for young children. Similarly, my partner, Jason Olim, was at the forefront of the e-commerce boom when in 1994 he launched CDNow (the first international e-commerce company), and he too saw how quickly we become accustom to new ways of enterprise (then e-commerce — now digital communities). And from my end, given my knowledge of the parent market, I’ve had extensive time with new parents and have helped shape the product for that specific needs and patterns of this demographic. Together we’ve been building a company that has been predictive of the direction the market and social trends are going, customized to the targeted family/parent demographic, and built to protect the voiceless sector – the kids.

Family Fun Cartoons

April 30, 2010 -- From Saqarra, a reader, from Rockies, Colorado USA, who is affiliated with the site.

A kid-friendly family site with activities for 5 to 11 year old’s. Activities range from coloring pages, puzzles, games, crafts, party ideas, basic how-to’s, kids poetry, funny videos and educational projects.

Protecting Children Online

January 17, 2010 -- From Saba, a reader, from Israel, who is not affiliated with the site.

I was introduced to this site by a friend who worked for them.
It’s the most amazing piece of technology i have seen recently. Easy to download and simple to set up, even for an old’n like me, and it means that when my grandkids come to play, I can let them play on the pc without having to monitor all the time what they may be getting up to. Go to their site,

Family Travel Made Easy

October 22, 2009 -- From Mandy, a parent, from Australia, who is affiliated with the site.

Family Travel Made Easy is a comprehensive website for families thinking about traveling. Further to loads of tips and advice for parents, there is a great section for kids, with loads of printable games, from word jumbles to sudoku there is something for everyone.


October 10, 2009 -- From Brewster, a parent, from Ft Myers FL, who is not affiliated with the site.

I have been an 18 months of user of
My family (43 relatives) is scattered around the world with relatives in New York, Florida, Texas, California, Colorado, Canada, Argentina, Australia, England and Russia.

The whole family gets reminded about birthdays and other events, post family news, share digital photos and uploads family video clips (like youtube). So it works like a family website and like a family social network. The product also has mash ups for cloud tag, maps and timelines.

There is a free version with ads and a premium version with more features and more storage. Because it is password protected it is secure. It is really easy to use and it has really friendly customer support.

Little Bird Tales

October 8, 2009 -- From Amiee, a parent from Los Angeles, CA, who is affiliated with the site.

Little Bird Tales is an eco-conscious alternative for creating photo books, scrapbooks or personalized storybooks as keepsakes. Little Bird Tales encourages creativity and fosters reading and writing skills by allowing kids to be a part of the storytelling process, while providing parents with a “green” alternative to how they share and distribute their family memories.

Kids can share photos, artwork, or create pictures online using the art pad. The most unique feature, however, is the ability for kids to record their voice or other audio to each page of the slide show format book! Everything is done online using a super simple interface designed for children! Kids can even share their creations by putting their stories in the public library, which is strictly monitored to make sure public stories are appropriate for kids.

This site has NO ads, merchandising, links or other distracting and sometimes worrisome content. It’s fun, safe, eco-friendly and allows kids to share their very unique perspective quickly and easily.

Family Capers – Fun & Unique Activities

April 28, 2009 -- From Bryan, a parent, from Princeton, NJ, who is affiliated with the site.

This site contains several excellent articles for unique ideas for fun activities & adventures, detailed guides for events & outdoor activities, and plans & designs for projects & building activities. Many are even written from a kid’s perspective.

Some of the content:
– Lemonade Stand Business Plan & Building Design
– Marshmallow Shooter Design and Physics Principles
– Comprehensive Guide to Backpacking
– How to Have an Adventure with a Local Town Mystery
– Cool Mall Scavenger Hunt