Journey to Africa

April 11, 2001 -- From Sherry Ziolkowski, a teacher from Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA who is affiliated with the site

This site was created for teachers to use with first and second graders to study another area of the world and to contrast it to where they live. This site is divided into three biomes: the desert, the rainforest, and the savanna. The people, land and animals of each biome are presented. Included on the site is a printable “Travel Diary” that can be used to record the sites of Africa.

Voyage of Exploration: Discovering New Horizons

August 22, 2000 -- From a student 17 years old from Groningen, The Netherlands who is affiliated with the site

A high quality website with lots of content and interactive elements about exploration.

General Knowledge Quizzes

August 16, 2000 -- From Bill Watson, a reader from Calgary, Canada who is affiliated with the site

Build your general knowledge through interactive quizzes on geography, literature, animal kingdom, discoverers, inventors and more.


March 7, 2000 -- From Janet G., a reader from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who is not affiliated with the site

This site offers many different subjects, levels, and languages. Originally having gone there for a geography quiz, I was pleased to find many different subjects that my second grader is studying in school! We’ll be visiting on a regular basis.

E-Conflict World Encyclopedia

January 27, 2000 -- From David Driggs, a reader from Washington State who is affiliated with the site

Profiles of each country in the world. With Maps, flags, anthems, etc.

KEWL: Kids Excellent Web Links

January 6, 2000 -- From Jill Dembsky, a teacher from Freehold, New Jersey who is affiliated with the site

This site contains a huge assortment of safe links for children and families, divided into sections for easy navigation. It was created by a teacher to be used in her classroom. Updated monthly.

50 States and Capitals

August 13, 1999 -- From a parent from Santa Clarita, CA who is affiliated with the site

Lots of facts and useful information specific to your homestate. – State homepage, capitol tours, cams, constitution, driving rules, genealogical resources, K-12 schools, newspapers, political representatives, topography, tourism, veteran affairs, weather, Y2K issues and more.