Beacon Street Girls

October 3, 2006 -- From Jessica, who is not affiliated with the site.

The Beacon Street Girls, preteen stars of the award-winning book series, are also part of a new online community with online games for girls. The website also features Club BSG, the free club for Beacon Street Girls fans. Visit the site to meet the five Beacon Street Girls, play cool games, read clips from the books and much more!

Girls Inc. Online

July 12, 2006 -- From Claire, a reader, from New York, who is affiliated with the site.

Girls Inc. Online is a free, unique membership website that builds girls’ self-confidence and encourages creative expression instead of focusing on beauty, fashion, or popularity.

Inspired by Girls Inc. research-based programs and experience serving girls for more 142 years, Girls Inc. Online content is targeted to girls aged 9 – 17. The site features word portraits, colorful avatars, profiles, quizzes, and interactive activities that cover health and relationships, economic literacy, career exploration, and education. Live chats with women in various careers (past guest have included a race-car driver, a NASA engineer, popular authors, and an award-winning choreographer!) inspire girls to dream big. Members earn points for participation and can apply for awards, such as digital cameras and scholarships.

Security measures ensure a safe and relaxing online environment for members, free from cliques, gossip, bullies, or harassment. The site�s registration process includes parental permission, and the site contains automated filters and is monitored by Girls Inc. staff for inappropriate content. Members are prohibited from sharing personally identifiable information (names, e-mails, and IM screen names) with other members.

Powerful Bones. Powerful Girls

May 5, 2006 -- From Kate Springer, a reader from Washington, D.C. who is affiliated with the site

Helps girls understand how bone-healthy weight-bearing physical activity and calcium can be a fun (and important!) part of everyday life. The site’s key features include interactive games and quizzes, recipes for yummy foods with calcium, and ideas to help girls get plenty of weight-bearing physical activity.

American Girl

May 5, 2006 -- From Joy, thirteen years old

The American Girl web site is very fun. It has a game for each American Girl doll. I love this site, and once you go there, you will, too!

Girl Tech

May 5, 2006 -- From Catherine M., 9 years old, who is not affiliated with the site

Girl Tech is the coolest site for girls. There are games, advice, articles and lots of other cool stuff!

Girls Incorporated

May 5, 2006 -- From Stacey Kratz, a reader from New York, who is affiliated with the site

Girls Incorporated is a non-profit organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold. Our Web site has two features: one for adults and parents and the other for the girls themselves. On the Girls’ site, they can read about some amazing girls and participate in fun, educational activities.

Miss 0 and Friends

May 3, 2006 -- From Olivia, 11 years old from Connecticut, who is not affiliated with the site

It’s got a ton of cool things to do, read and play. It’s very creative. there are no ads or junk on it. The art is so cute. It’s a very safe place for girls my age to go to. You can also buy Miss O stuff on their shopping site.