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Harry Potter

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Nature, Romanticism, & Harry Potter

August 16, 2006 -- From Leila, a teacher, from New York City, who is not affiliated with the site.

In this commentary in an issue of the journal The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, literary critic Ellen Reiss writes about the first Harry Potter book and shows that it is part of the history of Romanticism. As she discusses particular passages, she shows how this very modern work illustrates a central idea in Romanticism: how the wonderful and the ordinary are related.

Spinner’s End

August 9, 2006 -- From Sarah, age 14, from Pennsylvania, USA, who is not affiliated with the site.

I just want to point out this site because it’s a developing one. It is informing the Harry Potter fans with more of everything on the series and movies. It’s also getting a podcast which will be released “very” soon. It will be developing a lot more games and other interactive content for kids and older (teens and even adult). At the moment, it has good humor and nice forums that are protected for kids to view as well. So there is content suitable for kids. More kids are encouraged to join the forums because it actually gets more interesting when you look at their theories. The boards will become more exciting to be on. I think I have seen too many adults on , when it’s not necessarily “only” a site for older fans.

Harry Potter Fun Quiz & Movie Trivia Games

June 21, 2006 -- From Aksh, age 15, from India, who is not affiliated with the site.

There are many, many quiz games here to find out how much you know about Harry Potter characters, spells, pets, magical beasts & Hogwarts houses… it’s good fun!!


June 20, 2006 -- From Kling, age 14, from London, England, who is not affiliated with the site.


The Site of Requirement

May 30, 2006 -- From redwall_hp, age 13, from Bangor, Maine (United States), who is affiliated with the site.

A most unique Harry Potter site. We have interesting content unlike any other site’s.
We focus on theories and speculation instead of news. We have a messsage board for sharing theories, etc. Because the board’s so small, I have a chance to read every post. Our forums are a little short on users though. Rated 80% by The Potter Police with “unique content” emphasized. What are you waiting for? Come visit and register!

Hermione’s Hogwarts: Harry Potter Pic Site

May 22, 2006 -- From Hermione Granger, age 9, from Australia, who is not affiliated with the site.

I love the pics of Harry and his mates and other people. She is the biggest Emma Watson fan: ) ( :

Harry Potter Home Page

May 5, 2006 -- From Cat Ann Price, 15 years old from California, who is not affiliated with the site

It’s so fun! You can spend hours on it. You can visit Diagon Alley and go to Platform 9 3/4. Kids write stories and there’s the Daily Prophet. You can also play Quidditch but before you do you have to enroll in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is a very good site!

Harry Potter Lexicon

May 5, 2006 -- From Linh, 10 years old from Melbourne, Australia, who is not affiliated with the site

The ultimate Harry Potter reference, created by a school librarian, has a Harry Potter time line, several atlases, encyclopedias of spells and potions, and an excellent Harry Potter lexicon.

Harry Potter Facts

May 5, 2006 -- From Patrick Jansen, a reader from Groningen, Netherlands, who is affiliated with the site

When reading the newest book, you’ll find the site absolutely excellent when wanting to look up characters or words from the prior books. Do you know who are Bode and Croaker? Do you know the Lestranges, or Walden Macnair, Perkins, Arnold Peasegood, Avery, Nott or Augustus Rookwood? On HPF you can find all these words and names, find chapter summaries and read all about them.

Warner Bros. Harry Potter Home Page

May 5, 2006 -- From Keriana, eight years old from Thames, New Zealand

If you love Harry Potter, then you’ll love this site. Heaps of Harry Potter stuff including postcards to send to friends, games and more!