February 22, 2007 -- From Caitlin, age 12, from Aylesbuary, who is not affiliated with the site.

A good website, you should try it!


May 5, 2006 -- From Jennifer McDonnell, a reader from Los Angeles, CA, who is affiliated with the site

STARBRIGHT, a non-profit dedicated to creating programs for seriously ill children, has created an interactive CD-ROM Game that teaches kids how to manage their asthma in a fun and engaging way. Designed for children aged seven to fifteen, the game is free of charge to children with asthma and their families living in the United States. It is available in English and Spanish, features an all-star celebrity cast, and includes a Parent Guide.

PBSkids – All About Asthma

April 23, 2002 -- From Eric, who is not affiliated with the site

All About Asthma is an extension of the ARTHUR Hooray for Health! guide. This piece helps children learn what asthma is, what can trigger asthma attacks, and how to stay active and healthy if they have asthma. These files are in PDF format, and you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them.

PBS – Misunderstood Minds

March 25, 2002 -- From Eric Ward, who is affiliated with the site

Includes strategies for addressing various learning difficulties, tools for educators and parents, background on current issues surrounding the topic, resources to learn more.

Youth Health

July 3, 2001 -- From Diana, a reader from Australia who is affiliated with the site

If you love cartoons and want to know more about the most amazing machine on earth, the human body, check out! On this site you can find out why we get runny noses, what blood is made of and why some people are shorter than others as six cool characters (including a chicken) take you on a crazy trip inside your body! Download screensavers and awesome E-cards to send to your friends!

Eye Educate U

May 14, 2001 -- From Tammy Movsas, M.D., a reader from New Jersey, USA who is affiliated with the site

New, fun, educational site focusing on spreading the word of eye health through fascinating eye facts and important eye health tips. Visitors can test their Eye-Q with the monthly eye trivia quiz and can enter the free eye secrets trivia contest. Free Eye Secrets newsletter written by board-certified ophthalmologist for all ages from young to old.