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The Heart: An Online Exploration

February 3, 2005 -- From Lauren G., a teacher from Narragansett, RI who is not affiliated with the site

I’m a middle school computer teacher in Narragansett, RI and I co-teach with our health teacher about the heart. I’ve found a great website that you might want to add to your heart pages–an interactive/virtual heart transplant operation (Shockwave required). I’ve only had one student pass out!

Heart Beats

March 21, 2000 -- From Sam D., a parent from Chicago, IL who is not affiliated with the site

Listen to the sound of three different heart beats: a normal heart, one with a murmur, and after a heart operation.

The Heart: an Online Exploration

November 9, 1999 -- From Anne Disney, a teacher from Darwin, Australia who is not affiliated with the site

The best thing about this site is that it is easy for Junior High School students to understand. Most sites are too advanced for them. This site explains structure and the working of the heart and also related bits and pieces like blood vessels and the function of the blood. The pictures are great to download, unfortunately they are not animated, but the explanations of how things work are easy to understand and fun to learn about.