How to Write Poetry

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All Write with Me

February 22, 2011 -- Submitted by Diane Owens, a reader from Orion, IL, who is affiliated with the site.

This creative writing program/community assists and motivates young writers in a safe, encouraging environment. Developed by a published author, the site reinforces the 6+1 Trait Writing Model and is designed for 4th-6th graders. The site includes tips and techniques to excite and engage readers, writing activities, story prompts and online resources. Kids can publish their writing to the site and comment on others’ posted work. They can also create stories together.

Poetry For Teachers

February 15, 2011 -- Submitted by K Hunt, a teacher from Vancouver, Canada, who is affiliated with the site.

Poetry For Teachers offers several original, fresh, offbeat poems with content touching on race, class, gender, and philosophical issues. These are challenging poems emphasizing the art of learning to read poetry, and mostly suit secondary and college students.

The site offers a specific tack, featuring poems written largely to demonstrate poetic devices and application of poetic concepts. Some poems are designed to be decoded in that they point readers to specific meaning objectives. Mariners and Billy’s Drums exemplify the former and latter approaches.

Creative Writing Prompts

July 31, 2010 -- From Debbie Langley, a reader from South Africa, who is affiliated with the site.

Find creative writing prompts, topics,tips,tools,ideas,examples and outlines in an easy to use step-by-step format. Writers resources, journaling prompts and essay help for aspiring creative writers.

Genna’s World

April 2, 2010 -- From Steven, a reader, from US, who is affiliated with the site.

A creative writing web site for kids. Kids can post their own stories and book reviews, and submit comments on other kids writing, as well as aubmit suggestions to help create a collaborative story. Created and designed by a 10 year old kid.


October 17, 2009 -- From Yolee, a teacher from Virginia, who is affiliated with the site.

Bugnmymug is a great poetry website for children, parents and educators. It is a poetry playhouse where children can read rhyming and silly poetry. There is audio included on the site with various character voices for children to read along to or simply listen to and be greatly amused.

Bugnmymug was created by a parent and and an educator to encourage children to read and inspire them to write. The vision of the website is for parents and educators to use the material at no cost to educate children in a creative way.

Poetry is a another avenue for kids to begin the thinking and writing process. Included on the website are two resources for parents and educators to generate ideas for reading and writing their own poetry.

Be Encouraged, Be inspired and Write On!