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Digipuzzle.net Photo Puzzles

April 8, 2013 -- Submitted by Marcel van de Wouw, a reader from Oisterwijk, Netherlands, who is affiliated with the site.

If you want to discover the world with puzzles this is the site for you. Digipuzzle.net provides photo puzzles with photos of the world wonders, world cities and national parks. You can pick a puzzle from a list or from the world or USA map. On each place you can play multiple photo puzzles games like jigsaw, 15-game, photo-mahjong, photosearch, memory, etc. But also a sudoku or a word game like wordsearch or hangman (with for example the countries of the world or US places) The site is still developing so more places (cities, wonders, park, etc) will follow. Also some educational games will be added in the future.


January 31, 2012 -- Submitted by Bompy, a reader from Serbia, who is affiliated with the site.

There are hundreds of free jigsaw puzzles with your favorite cartoon movie or game characters, waiting for you.
There are no annoying misleading ads, they are reduced to a bare minimum to keep the website operational and there are no ads at all once you start solving your puzzle.

Jigsaw Puzzles

November 29, 2011 -- Submitted by Todd Hamilton, a reader from Surrey, England (South Nutfield), who is affiliated with the site.

All Jigsaw Puzzles is a family owned, family friend jigsaw purveyor. The organization was started in their back room and has grown to become one of the largest and most loved jigsaw and jigsaw accessory purveyors. We also have a section that will allow people to download jigsaw puzzles for free!

Online Jigsaw Puzzles

July 26, 2011 -- Submitted by Dan Eker, a reader from Israel, who is affiliated with the site.

In this easy to use site you get a new jigsaw puzzle every day! You can start your morning with our free and unique puzzles in a variety of shapes and images! Every day we will post a new puzzle with a different theme – Nature, Places, Animals, Scenery and more!

Daily Jigsaw Puzzles

April 30, 2011 -- Submitted by Pierre Des Vara, a reader from Paris, France, who is affiliated with the site.

A daily updated gallery of free online jigsaw puzzles suitable for kids and adults alike. The puzzles are both fun and educational. Every jigsaw can be played on different difficulty levels so it’s suitable for very young and children, teenagers and even adults. The site is very intuitive and easy to use, it has no annoying ads or pop-ups.

Jigsaw puzzles

November 30, 2010 -- From Milen, a parent, from London, England, who is not affiliated with the site.

Free online jigsaw puzzles with 3 levels of difficulty.