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Linens Direct Knitting Guide

July 11, 2014 -- Submitted by SilverbeanSam, a reader from Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, who is affiliated with the site.

In my opinion, Knitting is a therapeutic activity that can help you unwind.

It’s also logical and methodical, which are useful things to learn as a child! (We all know that work can be exactly that way sometimes…)

This guide from Linens Direct will take you through the basics of knitting in simple terms and provide a glossary of terms you’ll probably see around while you’re researching your knitting projects.

You’ll learn what you’ll need to get started, what equipment you’ll need and how to get things off to a flying start.

There’s also basic explanations on different kinds of wool, needles and patterns.

A lot of this information is then condensed to really useful ‘Pointers’ that you can easily jot down and keep by your side as you and the kids get knitting!

The useful table of stitches that are used in patterns is another ‘printable’ resource that’ll come in handy as you get more advanced with the wonderful scarves, socks and blankets you’ll end up making if you enjoy it!

Monkey See: Knitting

July 16, 2008 -- From Kate, a reader, who is not affiliated with the site.

I’m new to knitting and am always on the lookout for websites to aid me. The links you had were very helpful. I wanted to pass along a video site I found that has a few basic how to knit videos. I’m not sure if you’re interested in how to knit videos, but I found these useful when I was just starting out.