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Tales of Tamoor

June 25, 2008 -- From Angeli, a reader, from Umpqua Valley, Oregon, who is affiliated with the site.

This website features a great children’s book you probably have not heard of yet. Though it has won two awards for Best Juvenile Fiction and Visionary Fiction, it is only circulating in the Northwestern part of the United States, thought others might like to learn about it.
It is a story of a dragon, who because of a prophecy is nothing like his father, Tereem The Terrible. Instead GreeHee is a big-hearted, deep-thinking dragon who through an odd friendship with a little fairy, discovers that it is all right to be who you are despite what others think. And that by being true to your heart, you become a wonderful gift to others.
Nice tale, first of five books – ages 10 and up. Great Reviews, site also offer interview with author, free chapter, forum and some free puzzles. For anyone who liked Narnia, Harry Potter or The Hobbit, this is a good book and a nice website to visit.