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The Map Game

April 26, 2006 -- Joel Comm, a parent from Edmond, OK, who is affiliated with the site

Ever wonder what major U.S. cities look like from above? Get a bird’s-eye view of 100 cities with satellite photos from the U.S. Geological Survey. adds a twist to these overhead views by having you guess which city you are viewing in a random quiz.

National Geographic Map Machine

April 28, 2004 -- From Carol Seitz, a reader from Washington D.C., who is affiliated with the site

National Geographic has relaunched its online MapMachine with new enhancements to give users better access to hundreds of maps online. New content and map categories, user-friendly tools and improved search functionality make the MapMachine the ultimate mapping resource.

Capital cities of the world

February 4, 2001 -- From Alwyn B,a reader from South Africa who is affiliated with the site

Website has a list of all capitals per continent. This website has many quizzes that help you learn the capital cities of the world. You can learn the capitals one continent at a time – making it easier to learn. You can learn the capitals by picking the correct capital from a list (multiple choice) or by typing the full name of the capital city.

December 11, 2000 -- From Bill Everett,a parent from Chelmsford, MA who is affiliated with the site

TopoZone is the only site that provides online access to all 50 states in the US with searchable seamless USGS topographic maps and lots of other cartography tools. The new version of our site will let the user define their own icons and target symbols to place on the map. Great educational tool. Site was picked as the Number 1 Geography site on the Internet for 1999.

Demis World Map server

November 27, 2000 -- From Noor B,10 years old from Leiderdorp, Holland who is not affiliated with the site

Easy and nice.

World Gazetteer

November 9, 2000 -- From Stefan Helders, a parent from Cologne, Germany who is affiliated with the site

How many inhabitants has your city or your region? This site provides population figures for thousands of cities, towns and regions of all countries.