Comic Math

August 2, 2011 -- Submitted by Adam Levin, a reader from Philadelphia, PA, who is affiliated with the site.

Comic Math is an upcoming webcomic about aliens, being a high school student and preparing for the SAT. Students will learn math while forgetting they are studying because of the compelling story. Right now the webcomic is still in development but you can follow its development on the production blog and see the story get created!

Math IQ Games

July 26, 2011 -- Submitted by Aramis, a teenager from Seattle, WA, who is not affiliated with the site.

I like Math IQ games for the following reasons: First of all, all games are fun to play and target a specific math skill necessary for math curriculum or standardized test. Almost all games are free after registration, which is needed to keep history of scores to monitor progress over time. Highly recommended over general brain games. – FREE Math Resource for validated K12 Schools

April 20, 2011 -- Submitted by Daniel Bauer, a reader from New York City, who is affiliated with the site.

Mangahigh is a completely free, fully-fledged math teaching resource aligned to state and common core standards, that uses games-based technologies and reward mechanisms to deliver unmatched student engagement in math. Incorporating more than 40,000 math questions and 11 unique math games, Mangahigh boasts some of the most powerful analytical tools in the online math world. Mangahigh’s adaptive technology means that questions are always suited to the individual student, so gifted students are as well catered to as RTI, Remediation and Special Education.

Vi Hart

January 31, 2011 -- Submitted by Dan Conrad, a reader from Baltimore, MD, who is affiliated with the site.

Vi Hart has compiles a large number of math projects for kids, in addition to stories and other projects. The projects are well illustrated and well explained. It was recommended to me by an adult friend, however, because it is interesting, and I have enjoyed it. My wife has forwarded it to our daughter for our 6 year old grandson. online math practice

December 4, 2010 -- From Marc, a reader, from Europe, who is affiliated with the site.

Website with 100s of math exercises for children in grades 1 up to 6. 100s more will be added in the coming months.

A+ Math Tests for Grade 1 – 12

October 24, 2010 -- From Igor, a reader from Switzerland, who is affiliated with the site.

Math Quiz. Practice over a thousand math skills: solve challenging problems from Grade 1 to Grade 12! You move up into the next level if you give 5 correct answers in a row.

Math Tricks

September 12, 2010 -- From Steve, a reader from Gainesville, FL, who is affiliated with the site.

Math tricks and games for kids.