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Pumpkins and Place Value

November 5, 2009 -- From evelynsaenz, a teacher, from Florida, who is affiliated with the site.

Pick the biggest pumpkin you can find. Cut off the top and smell the fresh pumpkin smell. Carving a Jack O’Lantern leads into a mathematical unit study of place value that incorporates all five senses.

Counting pumpkin seeds into groups of 10’s, 100’s etc. helps children understand our decimal system and prepares them in a concrete way to understand higher level math.

Scoop out those seeds, roast them if you like and count your way into a concrete understanding of place value.

Mr. R.’s World of Math

October 19, 2009 -- From Eric, a reader, from La Honda, California, who is affiliated with the site.

This site features a variety of kid-friendly math resources, including math poems, math videos, math songs, and a 3-5th grade math adventure which is full of word problems. There is also a lesson page, where Mr. R., a math education specialist in New York City, will post lesson plans to be used in conjunction with the math poems. Mr. R. also has a link to his library that contains some of his funny non-math poems for kids.

Mr. Schlytter’s Mathematics Site

December 15, 2008 -- From Eric, a teacher, from Tacoma, Washington, who is affiliated with the site.

This educational site provides students with over 200 exciting interactive math activities for success. These engaging applications may be used by educators to teach important math concepts.


December 8, 2008 -- From Ryan, a teacher from Toledo, Ohio, who is affiliated with the site. provides 24/7 access to only the best math videos from middle school through college math. Learn the same lesson from several different certified math teachers. All videos are previewed, rated, and reviewed before being posted, so it is safe and accurate.

Help With Fractions

October 4, 2008 -- From Skip, a parent, from Mustang, Oklahoma (USA), who is affiliated with the site.

Step-by-step help for working with fractions.

Hands-on Math

August 19, 2008 -- From Evelyn, a teacher, from Miami, Fl., who is affiliated with the site.

You will find dozens of games, ideas and activities for bringing mathematical concepts to life for children of all ages. Bring out the seashells, beans and rulers. Let’s bring numbers to life.

Hooda Math

July 31, 2008 -- From Mikeedla, a teacher, from Minnesota, USA, who is affiliated with the site.

Hooda Math is all about making math fun. Visit the games page to play math games which help reinforce math concepts. Watch a video to learn math concepts.


July 29, 2008 -- From Ryan, a teacher, from Toledo, Ohio, who is affiliated with the site. offers free math help videos for students in middle school math classes all the way through college math. The videos are taught be several different teachers in many different ways that are fun and interesting. Also, everything is previewed, rated, and reviewed by a certified math teacher before it appears on the site. A great resource!

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles

May 12, 2008 -- From Alexander, a reader, from NJ, US, who is affiliated with the site.

The site is an encyclopedic collection of solved math problems and K12 math topics from arithmetic, algebra, probability, geometry, math puzzles and games, visual illusions, logic, math magic including more than 950 interactive Java illustrations. A winner of numerous web awards, the site strives to present mathematics in an engaging manner.

Solve My Math

April 21, 2008 -- From Livius, a reader, from Bucharest, who is affiliated with the site. offers some of the best high school math help resources on the web like: a huge and well organized math formulas library, many math calculators and solvers which are extremely useful to both teachers and children if corroborated with the knowledges learned at school and a games section for preteens and teens.