Where’s George?

May 5, 2006 -- From Amanda Sorensen, a parent from Salt Lake City, UT, who is not affiliated with the site

This site allows you to track where your paper money travels after it leaves your hands. It’s a fun hobby site for all ages.

h.i.p. pocket change

March 26, 2002 -- From a reader from the USA, who is affiliated with the site

The H.I.P. Pocket Change (HPC) Web site was launched in July 1999 by the U.S. Mint. HPC is designed to be a fun, educational tool — for students and teachers — that generates interest in coins, the Mint, and U.S. history.

Where’s George

December 16, 2001 -- From Jill and Chuck, teachers from Florida, who are not affiliated with the site

Great way to incorporate math concepts with a fun hobby!

Investor Education

January 19, 2000 -- From Bernice, a reader from Aniak, Alaska who is not affiliated with the site

A wonderful way to make the concept of investing seem realistic even to a young student.