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How 2 Read Music

October 12, 2009 -- From Gerrit, a reader, from Eefde, Netherlands, who is affiliated with the site., eyes and ears for music, is a new website for learning to read music through the use of fun games, theory chapters and self-tests. Music students or anyone interested in learning to read music can use the games in How2readmusic to train their ears and mind through melodic and rhythmic dictation, and exercises in reading and writing music notation.

Rhythmic and Melodic dictation games allow students to become familiar with music notation, while the very user-friendly composing program gives students a chance to try their hand at composing!

The chapters on Music Theory cover all the basic information that a student can learn without the trained ear of a teacher present. Music Teachers can use as a resource that their students can use to practice elements of theory outside of precious lesson time.

The program even comes with a monitoring and guidance system that teachers can use to give assignments and follow their students’ progress from week to week! Most importantly, the students can have fun while playfully learning the fundamentals of music!

On Classical | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

June 18, 2004 -- From Alessandro Simonetto, a reader from Italy, who is affiliated with the site

Largest collection of *free* MIDI files of all the web (no download limits!). MIDI submissions are welcome.

Mozart’s Home

April 19, 2000 -- From Genie Wisp, 12 years old from United States who is affiliated with the site

Contains biography, pictures, letters, and (hopefully) just a good time with lots of info.

Mozart’s own Website

January 26, 2000 -- From Stephan, a teacher from Denver, Colorado who is not affiliated with the site

An informative and humorous look at Mozart’s life as told by the Maestro himself. Beautiful graphics and an interactive message board, where Mozart answers questions from his visitors. A perfect opportunity for students and adults to write to Mozart personally. He answers every letter!

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

January 6, 2000 -- From Joan Staels, a reader from Belgium who is not affiliated with the site

The site offers bibliographical information on Mozart as well as libretti, sheet music, compositions and audio clips. The design is simple, tasteful and thematic, the images delicately enhance and illustrate each section of text. Excellent layout, beautifully illustrated, meaningful content and outstanding use of technology for sound reproduction.