Nutrition and Food Web Archive

September 15, 2007 -- From nafwa, a reader, from Boston, who is affiliated with the site.

I am a registered dietitian with the goal to produce a useful resource for dietitians and students. My website is health on the net certified. I have resources that can benefit any age group.


January 28, 2007 -- From an anonymous reader who is affiliated with the site.

Millsberry is a fun and educational website created by General Mills, owner of Yoplait, Box Tops for Education, Pillsberry, and many other nationally and internationally renowned companies. On the site, you create a character and play games to get Millsbucks (money). The games have good motives and give you points in fitness, intelligence, and civics.

Grocery Star Wars

June 22, 2005 -- From Denise Zainea, a reader from Denver, CO, who is affiliated with the site

As ‘Star Wars’ breaks box office records, ‘Grocery Store Wars’ devours online records with 4 million viewers in 4 weeks. Cuke Skywalker and Darth Tader chew over a pro-organic message in the latest “viral” video to sweep the Web.

Real Food for Real People

August 25, 2004 -- From Roger Doiron, a reader who is affiliated with the site

Designed by an award-winning 18-year computer animator, this site features a 60-second animated cartoon about healthy food choices. The site is part of a project run by Kitchen Gardeners International, a nonprofit trying to encourage a healthier way of eating.

IICOMOH means I’m In Charge Of My Own Health

February 13, 2002 -- From Robin Fuchs-Young, Ph.D., a teacher from Texas, who is affiliated with the site

This is a well-illustrated, interactive health and science education site for kids in grades 3-8. The site content was developed through a collaboration between teachers and cancer researchers, and is designed to provide information to allow kids to make healthy lifestyle choices. It currently includes sections on sun safety and healthy foods. A new section on tobacco avoidance is in preparation. The purpose of the site is to teach some basic science that enables kids to understand how environmental factors can impact the body and lead to increased susceptibility to disease, including cancer.

Dairy Council of CA

January 29, 2001 -- From Romina Ngo, a reader from California who is affiliated with the site

Our site has relevant nutrition and health content for educators, health professionals, kids, parents and adults. Our interactive learning tools for assessing diet and physical activity include a:

The Ultimate VeggieTales Web Site

January 6, 2000 -- From Cherri Koeberl, a parent from Minnesota who is not affiliated with the site

Even if you or your children are not acquainted with the award-winning “VeggieTales” video series, this is a fun filled site to visit. The hosts of VeggieTales, Bob the Tomato & Larry the Cucumber, help kids of all ages learn Sunday morning values with Saturday morning fun. The site includes songs,video clips & reviews, coloring, downloads, & “VeggieWeb” links to other VeggieTales sites. My children, ages 6 & 8 think is cool.