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400 Words Just Added to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary!

September 28, 2011 -- Submitted by Morgan, a reader who is affiliated with the site.

In this post, Lauren Davis (Senior Editor, Eye On Education) talks about some of the 400 new words that were just added to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary! She also brings up great ideas for teaching students about vocabulary trends.

September 18, 2011 -- Submitted by TheFreeDictionary Team, a reader from Huntingdon Valley, PA, who is affiliated with the site. is the world’s most comprehensive reference site. Here’s a snapshot of some of the entirely free content at

– A dictionary and thesaurus with multiple authoritative sources from some of the most trusted names in publishing.

– Specialty dictionaries, including medical, legal, financial and computer terms.

– Several encyclopedias.

– Dictionaries for more than a dozen languages, as well as a translation tool for more than 40 languages.

– A literature and periodical reference library.

– Fresh daily content, including “Word of the Day,” “This Day in History,” “Today’s Birthday,” and more.

– Games, including Spelling Bee with audio pronunciation and multiple difficulty levels.

Visual Dictionary

September 25, 2008 -- From BerneyBoy, a teacher, from Montreal, Canada, who is affiliated with the site.

The InfoVisual – Visual Dictionary site uses images to explain objects, listing all their component parts in English, Spanish and French. Detailed views show all relevent details. Every image and term is fully defined. Sometimes, animations allow to better understand a phenomenon and also stimulate the interest for consultation.